Liverpool Eurovision 2023 venue

With Liverpool set to host the Eurovision 2023, the city’s rich musical heritage and infrastructure, is thought to gain economically from hosting the contest, including in terms of increased footfall and spending in hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.

‘Huge impact on the city’

Business and music experts suggest that hosting the Eurovision Song Contest would bring significant benefits to Liverpool. Bill Addy, CEO of Liverpool BID Company, argues that hosting the event would have a “huge impact on the city”, and would represent an opportunity for the city to showcase its cultural offerings and global reach. Addy also suggests that the event would generate positive economic effects by filling hotel rooms and restaurants, and by boosting the city’s visitor economy.

Paul Cherpeau, CEO of Liverpool Chamber, also emphasises the economic potential of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Cherpeau argues that the event would boost the city’s profile and provide a substantial boost to its visitor economy and cultural businesses.

Dr Mike Jones, reader in music industry at the University of Liverpool, similarly argues that Liverpool’s musical heritage and cultural infrastructure make it a natural fit for hosting the contest. Jones highlights the city’s UNESCO City of Music status, and notes that the city is home to a variety of music institutions, from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic to LIPA and Liverpool Community College.

Boosting Liverpool’s reputation

Dr Jan Brown of Liverpool Business School suggests that the economic benefits of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest would be visible in the short-term. Brown notes that the event would generate a capital uplift through the sale of tickets and broadcasting rights, and would also create opportunities for event infrastructure development. Brown argues that the successful hosting of the event would further enhance Liverpool’s reputation as a city capable of organising complex events, and could build on the city’s reputation as the European Capital of Culture in 2008.

The benefits of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool are clear. The event would allow the city to showcase its rich cultural offerings, and could generate significant economic benefits by boosting the visitor economy and generating positive spill-over effects in the hotel, restaurant, and service sectors.

Hosting the event could also help Liverpool to build on its reputation as a city capable of organising complex and high-profile events, which could provide a platform for further economic growth and investment in the future.